July 24 - 31, 2023

bali, indonesia

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Bali, indonesia

Ready to check another hot spot off your bucket list? Join Married To Travel as we explore Bali, Indonesia. This will be the trip of a lifetime without the stress of planning a single thing. 

We will be staying in a luxury villa in Canggu close to the best beaches and the most popular club. You can expect to visit some of Bali’s most popular attractions like the Swing, Gili Islands, Temples and more. 

Come solo or tell your friends, get your flights and meet us there!


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Babi Guling- Suckling Pig


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Daily itinerary

Monday, July 24 - Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to Bali! 

Tuesday, July 25 - Bali, Indonesia

Explore Bali

Wednesday, July 26 - Bali, Indonesia

Enjoy a free day in this beautiful city. 

Thursday, July 27 - Bali, Indonesia

Free Day – Join MTT or book another excursion to fill your day!

Friday, July 28 - Bali, Indonesia

Visit the islands!

Saturday, July 29 - Bali, Indonesia

Beach Club Day

Sunday, July 30 - Bali, Indonesia

Last full day with MTT

Monday, July 31- Bali, Indonesia

Thank you for traveling with us!

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We plan for solo travelers, small groups, and groups up to 50!

What People Says About Us

People Reviews

Jonisha Clemons
Jonisha Clemons
Overall, great experience! Love traveling with out her black professionals who know how to have a great time. Will definitely be taking another trip with them soon!
Kennedy Miller
Kennedy Miller
I’ve been on 2 trips with MTT- Costa Rica 2021 and Belize 2022. Both trips were amazing and I will definitely be on another in 2023!
My first trip with Married to Travel was in May of 2022 to Ibiza, Spain. It was also my first time out of the country. Keyara and Kyra did an excellent job at notifying people about travel requirements, COVID-19 updates, as well as tips and suggestions on what to bring prior to the trip. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort and had a choice to book excursions, including a Jeep tour of the island or a hot air balloon ride. While there was a full itinerary based on their own research and great recommendations from the locals, we did have some free days and times to explore on our own. We went to the most popular clubs and did the legendary #MTT boat party, which was a blast. My favorite part of the trip was the matching neon bathing suits for the boat ride and meeting new travelers from around the country. Not to mention that it was also my birthday so everyone made me feel extra special. I highly recommend booking, especially for all of my new travelers.
Jeanine Greeley
Jeanine Greeley
I had a really amazing time! I was nervous about there being a big group of people but everyone had great energy! Very organized!
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson
Best group trip I’ve ever been on! Married to travel does a great job covering all bases so you don’t have to. I highly recommend!
Malcolm Nwainokpor
Malcolm Nwainokpor
Wonderful experience! Married To Travel had everything planned and organized from start to finish. 10/10 experience and definitely will travel with them again in the near future!
Jonthan Boele
Jonthan Boele
Kerry Wilson II
Kerry Wilson II
I had a great time with Married To Travel. 1 of 1 experience seeing Costa Rica and easily the highlight of my 2021 summer by far. Looking forward to the next trips with them I’m sure they’ll be great. Update: I traveled again with them to Belize and had a great time. Beautiful country and was supported by the company to have a great experience.
DreShaun Jarmon
DreShaun Jarmon
Belize!!! When I say this is one of the best trips I have been on is and understatement. Key and Kyra made this trip smooth and have everything planned out. Even with the big group everyone was well accommodated. The places we stayed were beautiful. To top it off we were lit the entire time! Cannot wait to book my next trip!
Boy we had a time last week! I just got back from my second Married to Travel trip to Belize and it was better than the last trip. Everything was planned out for us and we just had to show up. I did travel alone again for this trip and everyone was so nice and welcoming. Kyra and Key know how to plan a trip. There were 25 travelers and we all meshed so well together. I can’t wait for the next Married to Travel trip.

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